Cybele Microbiome Serum

The Trial


Everyone's skin biome is different, resulting in a variety of skin types and conditions. Our formula works to control the chaos on your skin by providing healthy "food" for your skin biome. This formula is unique in that it provides your skin with long chain ceramides by getting your natural skin biome to make them for you, right on the surface of your skin. 

Your Role

We are seeking individuals that value clean skincare to have an active role in developing our product. You will be mailed 12 weeks worth of our rejuvenating formula, at no charge to you. In exchange, we ask that you provide honest feedback in the form of short weekly surveys. We also request a before and after image and swab test for internal use so we can celebrate your progress together.


If you are accepted into our research trial, you will receive a free bottle of our revolutionary product. If you complete the trial, you will join the Cybele Founders Club (limited to 1000 members) and a lifetime* discount on our products!

*Limitations on the frequency of lifetime is defined by one coupon use on one product per month by participating member. Cybele Microbiome Inc. reserves the right to limit coupon use as it deems necessary.

Let's improve your skin's health together.

Nicole Scott, PhD, MPH

Co-Founder and CEO

Nicole's mission is to create products that make a meaningful difference in people's health. Nicole first saw the benefits and strengths of using the microbiome to restore while observing natural microbes at work during an oil spill clean-up crisis. She co-founded Cybele Microbiome out of her over 19 years of experience in population and statistical genetics, the microbiome, and the metagenome. Nicole trained at the University of Michigan and University of Chicago and is an expert in the microbiome and metagenome, having worked with Drs. Rob Knight and Jack Gilbert.

Nicole Scott